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King-Bradley's Lofty pedigree by IsangsimaronBatis
King-Bradley's Lofty pedigree
Fullmetal Alchemist is Hiromu Arakawa's. 


Head-canon, different from Intention. Assume that:

-Red Stones gives Homunculi their special powers, like Ultimate Eye, Ultimate Shield, etc., automatically except aging process simulation.
-Selection of a human for human transmutation is where most of the extra work occurs.
- Pride has a hairless base form, and he can alter it but not necessarily because human template had facial hair.  
 -Memories of the Homunculus are of their own human life.
-There was no Bradley before Bradley, so Pride/Bradley is not an imposter.
-The military is already in place.
-These events take place 20 years before 1901, so everything about the time Pride/Bradley takes power and how long he's in power doesn't raise suspicion and he doesn't have to simulate the aging process too drastically. 
-Pride's creation is not like little Wrath's, who was dead human body --> Homunculus. Pride is created from dead human body + ingredients like the other Homunculi.


"I don't understand, Envy," said a Lust with a classical kind of beauty and a filled-out, motherly figure."How exactly are we going to find Pride amongst the garbage of human society? Shouldn't we find someone of rank, or at least a common soldier?"

"No way, Lust," Envy answered, in his teeth-filled way. "If the human had too good a life, the Homunculus might start longing for that human's life instead of doing what That Person says. And a soldier? Even worse, considering the conflict we're spreading won't necessarily spare the soldiers. The human's memories might stick in the Homunculus's mind, filling him with pesky doubt." Envy grinned. "That's why we need a human without ties to the state, even inimical to the state, yet won't assert too much authority, like a human gang leader or something." 

"But we're assuming that none of these prisoners had a family--or had friends, or even were inimical to the state." said Lust.

"These prisoners were executed. Even if they used to love their government, I highly doubt getting offed by them made them particularly patriotic."

"And family or friends?"

"You can set your mind at ease with that--I already looked through the records on all of them--all single, no family left, all unpopular with the other inmates--the worst of the worst. Trust me, they got no ties binding them to this life."

"But why a prisoner?" Lust asked, just because she liked to be philosophical. "Wouldn't a street beggar do fine? They don't have anyone who cares if they live or die, they're inimical to the military, especially when they panhandle at public libraries and such."

"Were you asleep when That Person was giving us the lowdown, Lust? That Person doesn't want a weakling. She wants him to be strong, without looking like an ogre. Someone with a charismatic air--Huh." Envy looked over the corpses. "None of these look particularly charismatic."

"That would be a little hard, wouldn't it, considering they're dead. Why don't you let me handle choosing a pretty face,"  Lust glided a smooth circle around the corpses, gazing down into their eyes frozen in terror. Such fear when they met their unwilling deaths, forced suddenly and violently to face their own mortality at the hands of the state.  "This one." 

Envy blinked.

"What the hell's so special about that one?" Envy scratched his head. 

"Something..indefinable about his eyes..." Lust said. "It's somehow alluring." She nudged the corpse's chin with her shoe, regarding him from a different angle. 

"Yeah, that's fine, but is he strong?" asked Envy. He gave the arm a good, solid punch. Minimal bruising. "Alright, pretty and strong," Envy grinned, grabbing the corpse and slinging it over his shoulder. "Our job here is done--if That Person approves."


And so Pride was created, and enacting a hilarious irony, soon emerged as the head of state.
Intention 5 END by IsangsimaronBatis
Intention 5 END
Fullmetal Alchemist is Hiromu Arakawa's.

End head-canon thingy. No scar over his eye because he regenerates. I figure the scar is part of his human disguise. 


"Can you see any better?"

"Only every speck of dirt on the floor...and the air in the room...I can see right through my hand..and your hand--I can see everywhere in the room..I can see through the wall..I see two people in black moving...I can see -- my own has a red thing on it. Is the red thing because I'm a Homunculus, Master?"

"Yes, it is just one aspect of you that signifies your superiority to humans. But..." Dante smiled. "You are even superior to the other Homunculi. Thanks to a unique combination of you being a naturally advanced Homunculus and because you have been so diligent in improving upon the abilities you already have, and--because this eye you have, this Ultimate Eye. are now Pride."

"Pride? That's my name?" Pride asked. 

"Yes, that is your name." And with a smile, Dante opened the door, and Pride went out for the first time in 50 years. 
Intention 4 by IsangsimaronBatis
Intention 4
Fullmetal Alchemist is Hiromu Arakawa's.

Head-canon continued.


With only great effort was Dante able to insert the eye into the newly created socket, and then alchemically fuse it to the Homunculus. 
Intention 3 by IsangsimaronBatis
Intention 3
Fullmetal Alchemist is Hiromu Arakawa's.

Head-canon continues.


The Homunculus, now many years old but who had not been taught many things yet, crawled towards Dante,  single eye wide with curiosity. With one hand, Dante rested her hand on top of his head, while the other forced its way into the flesh where his Ouroboros was. The Homunculus cried in pain.

"Ssh...." Dante sang a lullaby to soothe her upset creation, all the while noticing that his regeneration speed had doubled--tripled, even--she wondered if he had been stabbing and slicing himself with the saber she had left in the corner--the saber she had used to immobilize the reject Homunculi while she brought their remains----normally, she would be pleased that he had been so diligent, even without instructions, but for now she needed the wound to stay open, so she kept on deconstructing the stubbornly-regenerating tissue.


Okay, so everyone knows that Mustang killed Pride by using the skull and burning him repeatedly. He does not get reduced to one life from a Homunculus seal being used on him like some of the other Homunculi, which leads to several possibilities:

-Bradley has been mortal this whole time, just with a lot of Red Stones in him, and he can be killed like the Brotherhood Homunculi at any time, without the use of the skull.
-Bradley has been sealed before, but he has accumulated more lives since then and the skull substitutes for a seal.
-Bradley is unsealable, so the only way to kill him is to use the remains.
-Bradley is still immortal, but Mustang threw the remains onto the puddle, which made him mortal. 
-Bradley is beyond immortal, and would have regenerated again from the puddle, if Mustang hadn't thrown the remains onto the puddle and then burnt both of them.
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Uh-oh, it's a battle of the Kings! Who comes out on top? 

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