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Reckless youth by IsangsimaronBatis
Reckless youth
Fullmetal Alchemist is Hiromu Arakawa's.

I had some amorphous arguments for why I think Bradley in the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime is younger than his apparent age, and now I have some more, hopefully less amorphous arguments. XD Or maybe I'm repeating myself oO It's been awhile. ^^;

Facial structure-- this is my biggest one. If we compare this Bradley to Bradley in Brotherhood, Brotherhood Bradley is more obvious that it's an old man with cosmetic changes to look young-- jaw is much wider, heavier jowls, deeper wrinkles. Though he does look 40 because of his black hair, his facial structure is that of an older dude, and this is apparent when his Philosopher's Stone runs out and he turns old. In contrast, Pride/Bradley has a facial structure similar to Bradley in his 20s. 

Second is, if he is indeed older than his apparent age, and over 100 years old like Greed, and has the ability to look young or Dante can make him look young, then why would he choose to look like a 30-year old with a mustache, instead of a 50 or 60-year old?  

And finally, since we don't know what he actually looks like because Mustang paralyzes him with the skull and doesn't make him throw up his Red Stones, it's left ambiguous. 

Although it is tantalizing to think of Bradley having lived for three-hundred years, changing clothes and changing faces through the centuries. : )
Ronin Girl Chapter 10 Page 01 by IsangsimaronBatis
Ronin Girl Chapter 10 Page 01
Yay receding hairlines. : DD

Finally got Ikyu/Tokage lord's design under control. At first I thought--square, but it looked stupid to me, so I drew his head bald, and adding hair afterwards seems to give him a more rounded look. Reduced his brow and chin by a lot, large brow and chin just wasn't working.

As for the other stuff--- some wild bangs, brushed back up top, calm in the back, and long careless hair. Mustache but not of overpowering size. Downward nose, lumpy. Right scar not visible from left profile, nor is left scar visible from right profile. And finally, eyes that are way too big for an old dude. Yes. XD


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Ronin Girl

Chapter 1 Manzoku Town
Chapter 2 Manzoku Town - Araki Castle
Chapter 3 Araki Castle - Yamakawa Road (south)
Chapter 4 Yamakawa Road (south) - Takako's Forest.
Chapter 5 Takako's Forest - Kumori Temple
Chapter 6 - Daisatsu Gate - ? City (W. Daisatsu)
Chapter 7 - ? City - Yamakawa Road (north)
Chapter 8 - Yamakawa Road (north) - ? City (W. Daisatasu)
Chapter 9 Yamakawa Road (east) - Araki Mountains
Chapter 10 -Araki Mountains - Norika
Chapter 11 - Norika - Norika Castle (END)
1. Arena 
2. Paradise of the Sow
3. Jujutsu Instructor
4. Genryu
5. The Gamefowl Enveloped in Despair
6. Enclosion
7. Father and Son in Hell 
8. House of Brutes
9. The Cow of Crete
10. The Demon Who Lives in the Castle Keep

Embarrassed to say, what makes it interesting to me is the act's public nature--so I don't have many where the character just sleeps with one person, or is involved in a master-slave relationship with one person. x means a lot of people.

1. 1:x, very public
2. 1: x, made public to group that would fill him with most shame
3. 1:x --> 1:1 starts public, becomes private
4. 1:1, becomes internet sensation
5. 1:1, private, until seen by wife
6. imminent 1:x
7. 1:x, very public
8. 1:x--most acts are in private but he does it with so many people 
9.: 1:1, seen by x
10. 1:x (before story) ---> 1:1 
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